Pin Shan Ecological Park Landscape Masterplan

Project Detail
Client: Pin Shan New Development Zone
Location:  Shenzhen, China
Project Size: 64ha

Our Role
Stephanie Wang: Project Director, Concept and Schematic Design
Shenzhen New Land Tool: Design Development and Construction Documentation

Project Credit

This 64ha waterfront green belt will become the future central park for the planned Pin Shan New Development Zone. Corresponding to the site and its planned commercial, civic, cultural, residential and recreational land use, the overall landscape planning encompasses an exciting range of waterfront spaces that establish an ecological and recreational framework.

Taking inspiration from the interweaving roots that help absorb pollutants and purify water, the Ecology Park creates a series of ‘root strands’ or connecting paths that interweave between various activity zones as well as guiding the park users through the process of storm and grey water retention, aeration and purification; bringing people close to the water and nature.