Guan Lan Riverfront Park

Project Detail
Client: Bao An local government
Location: Shenzhen, PRC
Project Size: 6000sqm

Our Role
Stephanie Wang: Design Director, Concept and Schematic Design
Shenzhen New Land Tool: Design Development, Construction Documentation

Project Credit

The 6000sqm riverfront park is along the recently upgraded Guan Lan River near Qing Hu Village.

On this site where previous housing has been cleared to allow for a continuous waterfront green belt, an electric tower dominates over a large recessed area formed after previous housing foundation has been removed.

The design takes advantage of the site’s terrain and turns the recessed area into an open grassed playground. Through visual diversion, screening and the creation of new focal pavilions; the design skilfully takes the park users through a zigzag movement, progressively unfold views to the waterfront, the open space and feature landscape as they enter into the park.

The landscape theme ‘Fence’; expresses true meaning of its definition; ‘a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary and provide visual sectioning of spaces’. In this park the fences not only controls the vistas through their orientation. They become the park feature; transforming into various park furniture as it meanders within the park. The fences create the mood that the park is an extension of the neighbourhood living.