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Design Morphology is an international multidisciplinary design collective that helps to create places and spaces where people aspire to be. We seek to study the structure of complex conditions and requirements to develop timeless designs for the built environment. We are driven by passion, innovation and the desire to contribute to a sustainable future.


Stephanie Wang is an experienced urban and landscape designer with over 15 years of project experience in Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Middle East. Currently operating out of Hong Kong office, Stephanie offers her design expertise in master planning, public domain, mix-use developments, Business parks, Hotels, residential developments and infrastructural design.

Jonathan Henderson is an Urban Planner and Landscape Architect with over 20 years experience in Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Middle East USA and Europe. Jonathan offers design expertise in the Master Planning of Education, Medical Facilities, Sports Facilities, Public Domain, Mixed-use Developments, Signage and Wayfinding, Intramobility Transportation, Public Art Strategies, Development Guidelines, Residential Developments and Infrastructure Design.

Dominic Chan has over 20 years of interior design experience in New Zealand, Korea and Hong Kong. His project references throughout South East Asia have brought international standard to his work. He is particularly experienced in corporate interiors, retail design and fast track projects. His projects spans across Banking, Financial, Telecommunication and Fashion. Dominic strongly believes in qualitative and functional design that is executed to the finest detail.

Richard Clarke is an experienced architect and interior designer with over 20 years of project experience in architecture, interior design, colour consultancy and custom furniture design. With multiple award winning projects in residential and hospitality design, Richard offers personalised design service working with the client from concept through to completion. 

Tasso Tao is an experienced interior designer with over 18 years of experience in interior design. He is specialised in residential and commercial interior. He believe in weaving functionality and aesthetics together into a minimalistic space that exudes Zen-like elegance.

Ryan O’Sullivan is an experienced urban designer with over 12 years in the development industry. He has worked on a wide range of private sector clients and public companies on projects across Australia, New Zealand, China and the UAE. His international design experience has seen him working within multidisciplinary design teams with leaders in the design and development field. He is a leader in conceptualisation through to planning approvals of projects at all scales.

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